Phosphorous acid 99% 13598-36-2 H3PO3 White crystals

Phosphorous acid 99% 13598-36-2 H3PO3 White crystals

Quick Details

Classification: chemical raw material
CAS No.: 13598-36-2
Other Names: hydrogen phosphonate
EINECS No.: 237-066-7
Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade, Agriculture Grade,Industrial Grade
Purity: 99%
Appearance: White Powder, White Crystal
Application: production of phosphates, synthetic fibers, synthesis of phosphite salts, plastic stabilizers
Product name: Phosphorous acid 99% 13598-36-2 H3PO3 White crystals
Certificate: ISO9001
UN No.: 2834
Molecular Weight: 82.00
Solubility: Easily soluble in water and alcohol
Relative Density: 1.651 (21.1 °C)
Boiling point: 200

Appearance: colorless crystals. Easily soluble in water and alcohol.


Phosphorous acid is a colorless crystal. It can be slowly oxidized to phosphoric acid in the air.

When heated to 180 °C, it can be decomposed into phosphoric acid and phosphine (highly toxic).

As a dibasic acid, it has slightly ber acidity than phosphoric acid.

Phosphorous acid has b reducibility and can easily reduce Ag+ to metal silver.

It can also reduce sulfuric acid to sulfur dioxide.

It is corrosive and has b hygroscopicity.
Relative Density: 1.651 (21.1 °C)
Melting Point: 73.6 °C
Boiling Point: 200 °C (Decomposes)
Solubility: Easily soluble in water and alcohol.

Phosphorous acid is mainly used in the production of phosphates, synthetic fibers and organophosphorus pesticides, etc..

It is also used in producing high performance water treating agent ATMP.


A GradeB Grade
Main Content
(based on H3PO3 ) (%)
≥ 99.0≥ 98.5
Iron Content
(based on Fe) (%)
≤ 0.001≤ 0.003
Chloride Content
(based on CL) (%)
≤ 0.01≤ 0.02
Sulfate Content
(based on SO4) (%)
≤ 0.008≤ 0.01
Phosphate Content
(based on PO4) (%)
≤ 0.2≤ 0.6
AppearancePure white crystalWhite crystal
70% Aqueous Solution TestColorless transparentColorless transparent, without impurities
Liquid Phosphorous Acid (%) ≥ 70-80Colorless, transparent


(1). Phosphorous acid can be used as reducing agent, nylon whitening agent, also used as a sub phosphate raw materials, pesticide intermediates;

(2). Phosphorous acid is the manufacture of phosphite is raw material, manufacturing plastic stabilizer (e.g. two lead phosphite) and organic phosphorus pesticide raw materials.

(3). Phosphorous acid can be used as a stabilizer for polycarbonate. Also used as an antioxidant for nylon 1010.

(4). Phosphorous acid can be used as chemical reagent;

(5). Phosphorous acid can be used as the determination of mercury, gold, silver and lead, reducing agent, acid, copper and cadmium test.

(6). Industrial phosphoric acid is the raw material for the manufacture of plastic stabilizer. Also used in the manufacture of synthetic fiber and sub phosphate.

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