hot sales of dicyandiamide(dcda) dicyandiamide 99.5%/cas no 461-58-5

hot sales of dicyandiamide(dcda) dicyandiamide 99.5%cas no 461-58-5

Quick Details

CAS No.: 461-58-5
Other Names: Dicyandiamide
MF: C2H4N4, C2H4N4
EINECS No.: 207-312-8
Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Electron Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade
Purity: 99.5%
Appearance: white crystal
Application: Used as fertilizer, nitric acid cellulose stabilizer, rubber sulfide a
colour: white
name: Dicyandiamide
CAS: 461-58-5
MW: 84.08
mp: 208-211 °C(lit.)
density: 1.40


1. Melamine is the raw material, but also synthetic medicine, pesticides and dyes intermediates
The utility model is used for organic synthesis and resin synthesis, and is also used as vulcanization accelerator and hardening agent

2. Cobalt, nickel, copper and palladium. Organic synthesis. Nitration fiber stabilizer. Hardening agent. Detergent. Vulcanization accelerator. Resin synthesis

3. Use is the raw material for the production of melamine. It is also an intermediate of medicine and dyestuff. It is used in medicine to prepare guanidine nitrate, sulfa drugs and so on. Can also be used to produce thiourea, guanidine nitrate, cellulose stabilizer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, steel surface hardening agent, dyeing fixing agent, artificial leather filler and binder etc..

4. The main purpose of dicyandiamide are:

(1) used as a dye fixing agent, dicyandiamide resin, dicyandiamide and formaldehyde was prepared and used as dye fixing agent.

(2) dicyandiamide fertilizer, compound fertilizer can control the activity of dicyandiamide nitrification bacteria, the conversion rate of nitrogen in soil are adjusted, reduce nitrogen losses, improve fertilizer use efficiency.

(3) as a fine chemical intermediate. It is used in the preparation of guanidine nitrate, sulfa drugs and so on. It is also used in the preparation of thiourea, nitrocellulose stabilizer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, iron and steel surface hardening agent, artificial leather filler, adhesive and so on. By dicyandiamide and formic acid were pharmaceutical intermediates 5- aza cytosine.
Curing agent for epoxy powder coatings.

(4) as guanidinium cyanuric amine as raw material, two. With dicyandiamide and acid reaction, can produce a variety of guanidine salt. Get the dicyandiamide and benzonitrile reaction of benzene is two generation cyanuric amine intermediate coatings, laminates, molding powder.