Chlormequat chloride (CCC) 999-81-5

Chlormequat chloride (CCC) 999-81-5

Quick Details

Classification: Plant Growth Regulator
CAS No.: 999-81-5
Other Names: Plant Growth Regulator
MF: C5H13Cl2N
EINECS No.: 213-666-4
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
State: Powder
Purity: 98% TC, 720g/l SL, 50% SL
Application: Plant Growth Regulator

Plant growth regulators are a class of substances which have similar physiological and biological effects on plant hormones. It has been found that with the regulation of plant growth and development in functional material with amine ester (DA-6), Forchlorfenuron, sodium nitrophenolate, auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, ethylene, abscisic acid, brassinolide, salicylic acid, jasmonic acid, Paclobutrazol and polyamine, and as a plant growth regulator is used in agricultural production mainly the first 9 categories.

Category : pesticides.

Its existence can affect and effectively regulate the growth and development of plants, including plant growth, division, germination, flowering, fruiting, maturation and abscission.

[Matters needing attention]

The use of plant growth regulators does not generally affect human health in accordance with the dosage, period and method indicated on the registration approval label. If the use of non-standard, may cause rapid growth of crops, or growth inhibition, or even death.

Product Introduction

Product NameChlormequat chloride , CCC
CAS NO.24307-26-4
SpeciesChlormequat chloride 98% TC, 720g/l SL, 50% SL
  • To prevent overgrowth by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis in plants;
  • To make plants short,and strong, to develop the root system and resist lodging of plants;
  • To make leaves greener and thicker by increasing the photosynthesis and the amount of chlorophyll;
  • To improve the ratio of fruit set and the quality of fruits;
  • To improve the ablities in drought-resistance, disease-resistance , pests-resistanceand salinization-resistance.
Package1kg/bag, 25kg/drum
StorageKeep in cool and dry place;