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Our ambition is to deliver right products right on time and right on the spot to reach the ultimate satisfaction of the clients.

With the introduction of the quality management system we set the following strategic objectives, the achievement of which is with crucial meaning for the organization:

■ To meet the requirements of our customers
■ To preserve and expand the market share of our company
■ To work with a competent and loyal staff
■ To reduce nonconformities and losses due to poor quality
■ To maintain mutually benefcial relationships with our partners and suppliers
■ To develop and to use the quality management system of as a tool for achieving our objectives

The practical expression of the present policy realization is the successful implementation of a quality management system and continual improvement of its performance.

■ Warranty period ((Warranty will be as per powder manufacturers’ Technical Data Sheet)
10years for polyester powders
20years for super durable powders
30years for PVDF powders


◆ Use of FONNOV all fluorocarbon productS will be promised with a quality assurance for 30years.
◆ Use of FONNOV fireproof/antibiosis series of products and other series will be promised with a quality assurance for 10years.
◆ FONNOV has established a Customer Information System to ensure to provide timely instruction and help to customers to conduct accurate use and maintenance of products.
◆ For every two years, special ceiling plate detergent will be provided to all FONNOV customers in accordance with the project size with a service for 10 consecutive years, in this way ensuring the product is as bring as new.

In order to satisfy customer demand to maximum extent the whole-heartedly serve our customers, as well as to continuously improve product quality and service quality, FONNOV has established a complete service system and implemented the service measures consisting of three steps of before-sales, during-sales and after-sales.

Before-Sales Service  

Use the Sales Management Development as the information entry point of the company, collect, classify and analyze customer information, transmit the information to corresponding departments, provide consultancy, design, investigation and service for customers and potential customers, and make a full tracking plain.

During-Sales Service 

During the production and service process, the production department should follow up customers in accordance with corresponding phases, summarize customer information and timely address customer problems and emergencies. During this process, company should arrange special personnel to provide assistance during the installation and debugging of company products.

After-Sales Service 

Company has established a special after-sales service company to be responsible of daily maintenance and repair of factory products. All the personnel are senior technicians and workers of the company with at least 5-years experience in the industry, and special equipment is also provided to satisfy requirement of customer service.


●FONNOV wishes to establish a service system for customers:

Spray line feasibility program
Powder coatings selection program
Cost benefit analysis program
Equipment maintaince and reconstruction program
Tests for customers’ application condition
Suggestions or on-site service for coating problems

● FONNOV is always focusing on new technology with chemical experts and leader companies, and trying to develop special powders to customers’ needs.

● FONNOV owns kinds of advanced test equipments, making sure to provide customers’ durable quality products for every delivery.

● FONNOV has files for each customer, including confirmed sample and powder sample for each delivery. We can assist customer with a quickest solution if any problems arised.