1 Liter Bottle Filling Machine

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1 liter glass bottle filling capping and labeling machine

Bottle filling capping and labeling machine
Feeding bottles by bottles feeding table — Automatic Filling products — Automatic sorting and feeding caps — Automatic capping caps — Automatic providing finished products — Automatic Labeling bottles

Main Features
1. Easy to run. It only take a few minutes to change to fill different filling products.
2. Ensure filling products quality.
3. Automatic Feeding Bottles.
4. Automatic Sorting Caps
5. Automatic Feeding Caps
6. Automatic Capping Caps
7.Automatic Labeling bottles

Feeding bottles parts:
Worker putting bottles on the Bottles feeding table,
then the table will feed the bottles to the conveyor belt.

Star wheel parts:
It feed the bottles in to the filling machine one by one.
This wheel is customized parts.
We need bottle size to confirm the wheel size.

Feeding Parts:
Using conveyor belt for Feeding bottles and it is Frequency control system.
It’s stain steel material.
It’s for filling machine, labeling machine and sleeve labeling machine.

Sorting caps and Capping parts:
Automatic cap sorting, feeding and capping system for different sizes caps.
This parts can be make according to client’s caps’ shapes. and it can be 1/2/3… heads capping.

Labeling parts
It is for stick label.
Automatic labeling round bottles, square bottles or other types of bottles. It can be one side labeling, two side labeling and so one.

Shrink sleeve labeling machine:
It is for heat shrink material label.
Automatic labeling round bottles, square bottles and variat bottles.
It can do beer bottle typ, caps sealing type, full bottle type, mineral water type, half bottle type and clean products bottle type.